DIFFER: convince, persuade, induce


These words refer to bringing about a belief in someone that you wish them to have, or causing them to do something that you wish them to do.

Convince refers primarily to bringing someone to believe something, typically by presenting them with arguments or evidence. Someone trying to convince someone else may have to overcome considerable resistance; but if they succeed, the other person holds the new belief firmly and sincerely:
he managed to convince the police that his story was true

Persuade refers primarily to bringing someone to do something through argument or by requesting or pleading, and may be against their better judgement or their personal preference:
he persuaded Tom to accompany him | she was persuaded to return to work.
Persuade can also be used of causing someone to accept a belief, but persuading someone that something is the case may take considerable argument.

Induce is used only for getting someone to do something. It is a forceful word, suggesting a good deal of effort or sacrifice on the part of the inducer, and often the use of bribes or threats rather than argument:
we had to give the driver a huge tip to induce him to carry the luggage.

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